EVA Mat Manufacturers

Ethyle Vinyl Acetate Mat is one of the trending products in the market. The mats are made using the closed cell EVA foam. Ethylene-vinyl acetate is a superb substitute for a wide range of materials that were used earlier to make the mats. Instead of using wood composites, natural rubber, neoprene, PVC foams, fiberglass etc., Essen Specialty uses EVA for manufacturing the mats. Therefore, we are considered as one of the best EVA mat manufacturers in the country.

Why to use EVA?

EVA is a glossy material. However, the main reason why EVA is used to manufacture mats is because it is extremely strong. It maintains it sturdiness even in the low-temperatures. Also, it is strong enough to resist the UV radiation. Ethylene-vinyl acetate is a sturdy copolymer that can resist stress-cracking. Additionally, the EVA mats are waterproof. There are so many reasons to use EVA mats instead of the regular mats, therefore, Essential Specialty, one of the top EVA mats manufacturers in the country comes with the new versions of the mats on a regular.

EVA mats for babies

EVA mats are nontoxic, therefore, they are mostly preferred by the parents for their babies. Toddlers and the babies of a certain age require mats for different purposes, like playing, easting etc. Therefore, the parents prefer EVA mats over any other type of mat. As, ethylene vinyl acetate is known to be one of the safest material that can be used to make mats. Hence, baby mats as well as baby toys are made using EVA.

Reasons to buy EVA mats from Essential Specialty

Essential Specialty is a leading sheet extrusion in the country. Within a relatively shorter period of time, the company has shown outstanding sheet manufacturing capabilities. The state-of- the-art manufacturing units and highly skilled staff make Essen Specialty a top choice of the industry.

The company holds a rich experience in handling polymers and making the best use of the polymers. Therefore, the processing knowledge of the experts plays a role in meeting the needs of the clients. The company has been constantly developing newer and newer products for the market.

Here’re the qualities of Essential Specialty’s EVA mats:

As Peva fabric exporters, we supply to chiefly the consumer goods industry. Some of the applications of Peva include:

- The EVA mats are made using the finest raw material
- The EVA mats are extremely strong and durable
- The EVA mats are nontoxic and perfect for babies too
- THE EVA mats are waterproof