Packaging Foam Sheets India

Essen Speciality is a leading packaging foam sheets exporter. We offer a sustainable and affordable packaging solution. We make EVA foam and packaging products that promise high performance with durability.

Features of Essen packaging foam sheets India

• Flexible: The packaging material is easy to fold, wrap and cut. This makes it easy to manoeuver when packing any kind of materia from small delicate objects to large furniture.
• Impact resistance: Our foam sheets have a high tensile or tear strength that make them withstand high impact situations like a fall.
• Safety: The packaging sheets are odourless and resistant to moisture or microbial infestation.
• Durable: Made of high quality plastic extruded products, these foam sheets are highly durable.
• Lightweight: The sheets are made of very light plastic. This ensures that the packaging does not add to the overall weight of the items. This reduces cost of handling packed goods.


Essen packaging foam sheets India have wide applications that go beyond mere packaging. As a flexible, lightweight, durable and safe packing material, our product finds application as an insulation, cushioning and protective material.

Essen Speciality packaging foam sheets are some of the most preferred packing materials. The application can range from:

- Packaging solutions for electronic products like TVs, refrigerators, and AC units. Used in the form of perforated sheets, it is ideal when covering delicate components like LCD screens.
- Packing delicate materials, such as glass or porcelain objects.
- Anti-static packaging covers for sensitive electronic products.
- Dust covers for furniture.
- Perforated packing for objects susceptible to breakage or cracks. Our foam sheets are also high impact resistant to ensure extra protection.
- Packaging solutions to goods in transit. Since our foaming sheets are highly resistant to environmental factors like moisture and microbial infestation, they are ideal for packaging goods in transit, especially in long distance when they are susceptible to damage from moisture, dust or other factors.
- Packaging sports goods susceptible to damage, such as tennis rackets, life jackets, ski racks and poles
- Providing cushioning for components like seat cushion inserts, door liners, shoe insoles.
- Providing protective lining for arm or shoulder pads, mattress linings etc.
- Making bubble wraps or perforated wraps for sensitive materials like picture frames, chinaware, pottery, glassware and ceramics.
- Insulation material for mattresses, garments and other items susceptible to fungal infection.

As a leading packaging foam sheets exporter, Essen Speciality is equipped to handle large volumes. We also ensure affordable and high quality plastic extruded sheets. To know more, please contact us.