Peva Materials India

Say yes to eco-friendly vinyl with Essen Specialty Peva materials India. We are one of the leading Peva material manufacturers in India. We supply Peva material for a number of products — from shower curtains to bibs.

PVC Vs Peva

Despite the chemicals present in it, we cannot eliminate all usages of plastic. It’s tough, strong and very durable. When it comes to household items like shower curtains, bottles, bottles, and other packaging materials, plastic is the most practical material. The challenge, therefore, lies in finding less toxic versions of plastic. The most commonly used high-grade plastic in consumer goods is PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride. Although it is a highly functional, PVC is still toxic because of the presence of one of its main chemical components — chloride.

Peva material India is the eco-friendly alternative to PVC. Peva or polyethylene vinyl acetate uses vinyl without adding the chlorine. This makes it less toxic for the environment and our everyday usage. It is a polymer of ethylene vinyl acetate and polyethylene. It is now increasingly replacing PVC as a more long-term solution to the problems caused by PVC.

As Peva fabric exporters, we supply to chiefly the consumer goods industry. Some of the applications of Peva include:

- Toys
- Shoes
- Shower curtains
- Placemats
- Desk mats
- Drawer mats
- Baby bibs
- Cosmetic bags
- Car covers
- Plastic table covers
- Mattress protectors

Why You Should Use Essen Peva?

There are many reasons Peva materials India are fast becoming the preferred choice for plastic products.

Environment friendly: It is environment friendly alternative to PVC. It does not use chloride — a carcinogenic material. It is a sustainable product that offers a more viable alternative in the plastic products and packaging industry. Peva is also recyclable and biodegradable.

Quality: As the leading Peva material manufacturers, Essen products are of top quality. We market high quality plastic extruded products. We have multi-layered quality check system that starts from the sourcing and extends to packaging and transportation.

Wide range: Essen Speciality offers a wide range of PVA materials and products. This includes shower curtains, placemats, desk mats, coasters, and drawer mats. As leading Peva fabric manufacturers, our fabrics and products are of a very high grade plastic.

Quick delivery: As Peva fabric exporters we assure quick delivery to all our clients. We have a highly dependable transportation system and we ensure that all volumes are met in time.

If you want to know more about Peva materials India or about Essen Speciality, contact us. We are waiting to hear from you.