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Essen is a leading international supplier of specialist plastic, EVA foam and packaging products. Incorporated in 2002, the company embarked on its first expansion with the first 12 months itself. A clear indication of an extremely positive industry response. Eventually, the company started diversifying its products and investing in modern integrated technologies. Essen has been now perched on the threshold of exponential growth.

Years of processing knowledge and our teams’ expertise in handling various polymers give countless options to match with the requirements. This has enables us to develop new products aimed at the fast track growth sectors. In this process, we have been able to build economy of scales and the cost efficiencies that come along with it.



To develop, manufacture and market high quality plastic extruded products and improve environment sustainability and customers’ profitability. Our operations are mainly concentrated in areas where we are/or have potential to become - a market supplier.


Emerge as one stop solution provider to all our esteemed customers for their requirement of extruded and thermoformed plastic products.


SIES SOP STAR AWARDS 2017 has been awarded to M/s Essen Speciality Films Pvt. Ltd. For Sparkle – Foam Disposable Food Products in the product packaging category.
The Award is presented at Mumbai on 20th November,2017.


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